My Fantasy Class Garage – Robert Leitch (5ivegearsinreverse)

First up in our new regular feature is MacDroitwich royalty personified.

A list of cars which promise to be an eclectic mix of the historically significant and the curiously intriguing, we ask Funf for his fantasy garage of five firm cars.

Austin Champ : 

The thinking man’s Land Rover. So many folk don’t even know it exists, and the fact remains that the Champ was more advanced in 1951 than the End of Days Defender was.



Standard Ten 7cwt Pick-up:

The rarest varient of one of the firm’s most woefully under-rated vehicles, indeed, the Ten was arguably the car that saved Standard-Triumph.





ADO16 1300 GT or MG 1300 MKII:

The English Golf of it’s day. A British best-seller and export success. A car badge-engineered to confusion and death and my sentimental choice – it was the car I learned to drive in.




Alvis TF21 Graber Super Sport:

A What? I hear you cry.  An improbably glamorous and rare Anglo-Swiss joint venture. Alvis’s passenger car activities were the first British Leyland casualty. Did they realise what they were throwing away?



Austin X6 Kimberley or Tasman:

A surprisingly good looking car in the – now very rare – metal. Developed and productionised on a shoestring. Building a UK version might have have given breathing space to get the Princess properly sorted. The car was even the basis for a proposed AD017 Vanden Plas 1800.

And that’s it. What a mix! I believe if we hadn’t put his name at the top, we’d’ve been able to guess who’s list this was.

We’ll be looking at another MacDroitwich member’s Fantasy Class Garage soon!

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