My Fantasy Class Garage – Tom Saunders (traineefarmer)

Next up is Giles. We hoped he wouldn’t be ‘Doing It Again‘ but sadly he did ask me if we were limited to Firm products, the daft sod.

Anyway, here we go, let’s see where he takes us.

Rover 2600SE Series 2, manual:

Why not a Vitesse? Because everyone has one of those. The straight 6 is brilliant in its awfulness, the great British underdog in mechanical form with a 4 bearing crank, asthmatic porting and an arthritic camshaft. In my opinion the styling has more elegance without the spoiler and air dam, and in SE trim has my favourite interior of all time.



Triumph TR7:

Even more under-dogging here. Totally lambasted for the last 35 years for it’s styling and yet I see it as one of BL’s most forward looking products. The world still isn’t ready for it.



Aveling Barford RD040: – Yes, we know. He was bound to do it again.

Because who wouldn’t want a REALLY big truck. A real life Tonka Toy made in a pokey little Lincolnshire town by a tiny outpost of the BL empire. And they were bloody good.




Rover 800 Vitesse Coupe: Don’t laugh, he means it.

I’ve got one of these. It’s just brilliant*. Why? I have a genetic defect that makes me like the 800 in all its forms and its finest form is the Coupe. Another underdog, but its poor reputation doesn’t do justice to its actual abilities, a poor reputation confounded by the fact that so many 800s have recently been adopted by bangernomics tossers and run into the ground. The 800 is not a car that forgives a lack of maintenance. When properly sorted (and most weren’t when they left the factory), the 800 could stand head and shoulders above its rivals…
…In 1986.



It can’t have been THAT bad, surely? Looks great, drives well (according to one J Clarkson, anyway) and is a damn sight rarer than your average Wop supercar.




And there we have it. As expected, he’s done it again in ABUNDANCE, OH GILES.

We’ll be back soon to  cover another member’s list.

4 thoughts on “My Fantasy Class Garage – Tom Saunders (traineefarmer)”

  1. Best main picture yet.

    Is the DUMP TRUCK there to be driven over the 800 in a fit of rage when it suffers another fit of heritage?

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