My Fantasy Class Garage – J.P.M Sandie (Sandie)

Next up is Sandie; MacDroitwich’s unofficially elected curator and compiler of statistics. His love for his ZT is legendary, but which cars would he love to own in his dream garage? Let’s see.

Range Rover Classic:
For me the original Range Rover was the finest creation of the firm, a car that created a whole category of car that is stronger than ever now over 46 years later. A fine creation of the genius that was Spen King, though he came to loathe Chelsea tractors that followed in the class the Range Rover created. Someone with taste and a strong interest in purism would want an early, original 3dr car. I have neither of these qualities so therefore want something fully loaded complete with loads of 90s luxuries. So a softdash one, LWB/LSE please with the TWR Brooklands bodykit.


Rover 75 V8:

An obvious choice but, for me, one of the most endearing things about this firm we loved were the blind alleys and niche creations they came up with from time to time. A near destitute firm converting their flagship to RWD to allow the fitment of a V8 engine from an American cop car has to be right up there. The 75 V8 is a rare and fascinating swansong from MGR and the only shame is that the Ford Modular V8 didn’t come until the car had been Project Driven. With that in mind, as part of this dream garage “mine” would be fitted with a higher quality interior from an early car. With PERSONAL LICE.

Vanden Plas 1500/1750:

The style and grace of an Austin Allegro blended with a luxury coachbuilt interior and a fine front grille. A glorious answer to a question no one outside a small coterie of 1970s pensioners asked. Who could not want this wonderful motor vehicle as part of their dream garage of CLASS? A pretentious ponce would call it “kitsch” I just call it CLASS and hope to one day park my fat backside into those plump leather seats and enjoy a small libation from a decanter positioned on a walnut picnic table. I don’t even care which engine it has.


Daimler Double Six:

A few reasons for this, the main one being that V12 engine of vast consumption and little sense. Most Series III Double Sixes had the higher spec Vanden Plas interior so it holds the same luxury appeal as the Alleg… Vanden Plas 1500/1750 above. I also adore an automotive anachronism (see also Morgans) and by the end of their lives the Series 3 V12 Daimlers and Jaguars were these. They rumbled on to 1992, nearly six years after the introduction of the XJ40, when they were replaced by the short-lived XJ81. The XJ40 was a huge departure from the Series 3 making the way the S3 seem so anachronistic when the two were sharing space on the same forecourt.
Single figure MPG, FTW.

Rover 420 GSI:

A £500 knacker in a DREAM GARAGE? Yes, like many MacDroitwichers I have a soft spot for the R8 so one has to be included here. The R8 was, for my money, the last class leading firm car (much as I love the 75) and one of their strongest ever mainstream offerings (much as I love many of the others). I also feel that there is no car that cannot be improved by the addition of a boot so my specific choice is a 400. There also has to be a T-Series sat under the bonnet for POWER. I have no need to hurry so don’t want a Turbo version.
A 400, sat on those 7 Spoke alloys in the stunning Nightfire Red is, for me, the quintessential R8. As mentioned earlier, I am completely bereft of taste so I prefer them with grilles. Even though these later ones may be somewhat decontented over the 1990-92 models.

So a fairly straightforward line-up I think we’d all be pretty happy with on our driveways.

More to come soon.

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