My Fantasy Class Garage – Barry

Next up is the Ireland’s answer to Bobby Ball. He’s been very specific in terms of his class garage, even specifying the colour. Fair play.

Rover SD1 2600S

I had one of these in Midas Gold and loved it. I’ve regretted selling it
ever since. I love the torque of the engine, yes, I know it’s fatally flawed but it sounds good due to it being a straight six. The series 1 cars have cleaner lines in my opinion and with a very rare leather interior they’re extremely comfortable. Even the dashboard is lovely to use and is very interesting when compared to modern cars.


Rover R8 214SEi

In Nightfire red, I love the last of line cars of the R8 shape. Very clean lines, very well finished and what was Rovers high point in terms of quality fit and finish. It was all down-hill from here. The only fly in the ointment for me is the ride height is a bit high.


Austin Maxi Mk 2 1750HLS in Tara Green

I’m lucky that I’ve actually owned 2 of my dream class cars. Comfortable, practical and usable as a daily were what sold it to me. The Tara Green paintwork match with chrome really stands out to this day. My mates even nick named it the slug………cunts come to think of it. It’s a real pity the suspension had a tendency to let it down.


Rover 75 KV6 2.5

I’ve owned a lovely Rover 75 and while it was the pick of the range in diesel form it’s the sound of the 2.5 that really makes it stand out for me. I’m sorry I haven’t owned a good one, although there is still time but good clean ones are becoming hard to find, especially as so many owners like to stick tat on and ruin the interior.



Again, I’ve had an MGF but not a VVC, which stands for Very Very Complicated or so everyone whose owned one that went wrong tells me. Great handling, interesting design and some nice touches mean this is a great every man car.


Whilst his choices aren’t pushing the boundaries of what is out there, there is a reason they’d all be in his dream garage. Every last one of them could be driven and enjoyed daily.

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