My Fantasy Class Garage – Scott Armstrong (Derek)

Today we turn upside down and find out what our Kiwi radio-spakka has in his fantasy class garage.

Rover P5B:

The car that started it all with THAT engine. A step in a such a positive direction for Rover with that light-weight, burbling power-plant wrapped up in an elegant wood n’ leather gentleman’s tank. It worked better than anyone could ever have hoped. Delightful.



Jaguar XJ6 SIII:

In my opinion the XJ6 is England’s best saloon. The Series III model was enhanced by Pininfarina and turned into the World’s best saloon. Supreme.




Range Rover Vogue:

The original and best. Inventor of the luxury SUV – 5 doors, leather chairs, V8 power. Proper and right.




Triumph Stag: 

Elegant beyond belief. A beautiful touring 4 seater that looks absolutely stunning from bumper to bumper. Only mechanical problems stopped it from being a hit. Cruelly robbed.



Rover 200 R8:

The most perfectly formed 5-door car of that decade. Beautiful, well engineered, and ideally suited to The Rover Treatment. Spot on.






And there we have it, Derek’s five of the best, no real surprises but clearly he’s a man of class.

More to come soon.

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