My Fantasy Class Garage – Tim (Gordon Bennett)

Next up it’s Tim. It can only be assumed all of these cars are fitted with a 1980s-spec car-phone, just in case Sward wants to give him a call.

Range Rover L405 SDV8:

Aside from its size there don’t appear to be many compromises or drawbacks to these things. Nevermind that you probably need two for when one is inevitably being mended.



Defender 90 TD5:

It does little of use outside of a farmer’s field that a Raj Rover doesn’t do better but there is a certain something about these things, even more so with the TD5 soundtrack. It still manages to be class without a hint of vulgarity too.



Rover 216 GTi:

I’m torn between one of the Twin-Cam Honda models (the better car) and the 220 Turbo Coupe (the halo model) here. 216 GTi 5-door with the two tone flame red over tempest grey if I have to pick one.



MG ZT-T 260

Ever since seeing Clarkson going sideways in a firefrost saloon model I’ve fancied one of these things. I appreciate they’re utterly compromised but they’re proof that even at the fag-end of car production at Longbridge they genuinely could produce something really quite special.



Rolls-Royce Wraith:

Am I allowed a BMW Rolls-Royce? If so put me down for the Wraith please. Never driven one but have been a passenger in a Ghost and a Phantom, both of which were utterly sublime. I’d opt for a Phantom, but prefer the idea of driving myself to being driven.


What a batch! Clearly a man with expensive taste is our Tim. Class will out!

Stay tuned for another list soon.

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