Buyer’s Guide – MG GS

By Barry.

This is a buyer’s guide for the MG GS model. It is not a review or complete list of faults but is intended to be a general guide of what to look out for on a used MG GS, something you can print off and take with you to a viewing.

What is it?

This is MG’s first entry into the incredibly popular SUV market. It’s going up against some big names and brands in the market such as the Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Ford and Renault.

Sadly, it didn’t get off to a great start due to a terribly lack-lustre and confusing TV ad campaign. Matthew Cheyne made various claims of sales numbers and despite these being small the sales targets have been missed so it appears the market isn’t flocking towards MG’s latest offering.

Which models are available?

The MG GS is available in 3 trim levels; the Explore, the Excite and the Exclusive.

MG GS Excite

All models come with the expected standard features, such as electric windows, power-steering, adjustable steering column etc, the Explore comes with Cruise control, automatic headlamps, air-con and an intelligent stop-start engine.

The Excite comes with the features of the Explore, plus a DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and rear parking sensors. Finally, the

Mg GS Explore

Exclusive offers you 18” alloy wheels and the choice of a manual or automatic gearbox. Leather interiors are available on the Excite and Exclusive models

Mg GS Exclusive

According to MG “All of this will put you on the edge of your seat with excitement”. Unfortunately for MG so will some other elements of the GS, for example, the colour choice and options have for some customers been inconsistent with what was ordered and what has arrived off the boat from China.

While we’re on that, the GS is not built or finished in Longbridge so don’t be fooled by any salesman talk of “Buying British”. A Qashqai would be the one to go for, if that’s your main reason for choosing.

What should I look for if I’m buying a used one?

There are a number of things to watch out for when buying a new or used MG GS. And it’s with Buying new I’m going to start.

The Sales Centre: This is MG’s flagship sales outlet. However, be warned, some customers have had a very poor sales experience and customer service experience from the Sales Centre and its staff. There are reports across owner’s forums and Facebook help pages of buyers having their credit details shared in public, having wrong orders placed, being shouted at by sales people, receiving aggressive text messages from MG staff’s personal phones and finally receiving abusive call-backs when they have the audacity to complain about all of the above. Certainly not all of the Sales Centre staff are like that, there are great people in there. If you choose to buy there try and deal with ‘Dave’ who is a long time MG enthusiast. His heart is in the right place even if those around him seem to be just there for the cheque.

Rear Boot lock: Some customers are beginning to complain that the boot door has a tendency to unlock and open itself. Edge of the seat stuff when it happens at 70mph on the M40. Make sure all doors and locks are opening and closing correctly.


Headlamps: Owners are reporting that headlights are beginning to fog up and hold moisture. Some dealerships are quick to replace these under warranty as is standard practice for most brands. However, the official response from MG is that they have not been sealed and that this is perfectly normal and in fact a safety feature. It’s a worrying response and indication of potential cost cutting and poor assembly in China and in this writer’s opinion, not something which should be going wrong with a modern and well assembled car.

Gearbox: There are multiple reports of the GS giving serious gearbox trouble already even on newly delivered cars. Everything from sticking in gear, not engaging in any gear and being slow to respond to driver inputs. MG claimed a simple software update was needed and proceeded to update the software on affected cars. This lead to the cars becoming “locked down” and non-responsive to any further dealership attempts at rectification. Some owner’s cars have been left off the road for a number of weeks with no solution forthcoming. Be warned, if the gearbox isn’t working correctly run away.

Values: MG refused to discount the GS when launched. But due to very poor sales, currently matching those of the disastrous MG6, that strategy quickly changed. Be warned, residuals aren’t looking promising.


Diesel: There is none, don’t waste your time looking for one despite the fact almost all other manufacturers offer one in this segment due to strong customer demand.




Stop/Start: This is creating many running issues for owners. Owners report that the car cuts out when still in motion, is slow to respond and some have stated that it is downright dangerous. However owners do report that when it’s switched off the car is no longer dangerous to operate. This seems to be a big issue with cars fitted with an auto gearbox.

Safety: The GS has not been crash tested however it performed well in the significantly easier Chinese NCAP tests. As MG are not importing the GS above 1000 units per year into Europe the GS does not have to undergo strict testing. But why would they not want to anyway, unless they were afraid of the out-come?

Multi-function Screen: MG owners are reporting that the MFS does not turn itself on and sometimes shuts down during use. This is resulting in cars being returned to dealers. Make sure it is operating correctly. This is a worrying sign of future reliability of the electrical equipment. A quick fix for owners is to hold down the on/off switch for 10 seconds however this isn’t seen as a permanent fix.

Over rev on manual cars: Owners are reporting an annoying over rev on manual cars. This is resulting in cars being returned to dealerships. Currently a software update is being performed but this is not a guaranteed fix.

Boot release fob: Owners have reported that the tailgate release fob is not consistently working to open the boot door. Check it is working properly.


It’s shaping up to be the second best offering from MG. I still think the MG3 is the best all-rounder from them. The unresolved gearbox issues and poor service from MG really are major drawbacks. Customers are already ignoring all the other better offerings in the market to go with the MG GS.

The GS has already been face-lifted in China but MG are for the foreseeable future only offering the old model for the UK market. Customers don’t need worries about the company and who they are dealing with to be turning them off as well as offering an already dated model. Add to that it’s got the least British content of any MG so far, now that MG has made all its production staff in Longbridge redundant the future of the company here is now in doubt.

The verdict has to be one of AVOID. Genuinely Impossible to TENNIS.

42 thoughts on “Buyer’s Guide – MG GS”

    1. Its far superior to the ZS. I should know… In my collection of cars I have two ZSs, two ZTs and an immaculate V6 Rover 75. I never thought I’d say it, but -The GS is superior to all of them.

      1. Loads of what? My GS has been FANTASTIC. Faultless and drives like a dream. So far, it has never suffered from any of those listed “faults” I had a BMW 5 series before and it was hardly on the road. (Faults galore!) The GS is a better car in every respect. Its economical, super-roomy, fast and a doddle and a pleasure to drive. A “fun-mobile!”
        I love it!

        1. You’re obviously comparing it to a VERY used 5 series, or you’ve had a bad run of luck to move from a £20-30k car down to this monstrosity.
          Your lies make baby Jesus cry.

          1. Drive one and see for yourself! The car is a dream to drive and the performance is, nothing short of – astonishing. I’ll never buy another Euro car.

          2. A NEW Series 5. I bought on recommendation from people like yourself (who think?) that the only good cars are German. As for Jesus crying… impossible, as he never existed! Drive an Auto GS for yourself and you’ll have a smile on your face that will be hard to remove!

          1. You should know… if you haven’t driven a GS and discovered just how good it is, then – YOU, must live on Fantasy Island! I detect an old cliche… knock the product for the sake of it. Rather than find out for yourself just how wrong you can be. The only thing “wrong” with the GS, is poor marketing. NOTHING wrong with the product.

      1. Why am I not all there? Just because I state reality and facts? Only a person who owns a particular car has a right to “knock-it” Never knock ANYTHING until you’ve tried it.

    1. The only scandal re’ modern cars is VWs lies and cheating over emissions. Nothing at all wrong with the GS. Superb value for money. Goes like the clappers , is economical, roomy, well made and a pleasure to own and drive. Experience counts and I have that experience after driving virtually every make of popular car available in the UK.

      1. As do I. And also managing warranty claims on used examples. So I definitely know the flaws across a broad spectrum, not just experience of moving one 500 yards.

        1. Considering the GS is a brand new model, warranty claims are the lowest of any car sold within the last two years. My GS is now 18 months old and (apart from its first service) it has never been back to the dealers. I suspect some who comment on this type of Website are just narrow minded German car worshippers and not willing to see for themselves as to what a superb vehicle the GS really is. So, unless you’ve owned one… how you cant knock it!

  1. It’s just shite, isn’t it? Ugly, badly made, over-priced, not very efficient and bereft of a redeeming feature.

    I’d rather have an MG6. It’s THAT bad.

    1. Makes me laugh how ignorant some people are about the GS. I’ve been driving since 1967 and have owned, virtually, EVERY make of popular car. The auto version of the Gs is a pleasure to drive and is superior to most of its peers. To-date, this is the best car I’ve ever driven. If MG China shaped themselves, they could decimate Euro car manufacturers. Take one for a test drive and you will discover that I am right!

        1. Better than cars costing 10k more. Just stop knocking something that you know NOTHING about. I’m quite a “well to do” bloke. Money isn’t a problem and I went out looking for a new car with an open mind. That said: I expected to buy a top flight Jaguar XE. That was until I drove the GS and an XE. The GS is superior and cost 15k less than the XE I was interested in. The wife soon gobbled up the money I saved, but I’m not complaining!

  2. Yep it’s all of these comments and more. And even now MG are turning up the pressure for stories about these cars and buying experiences to be silenced – even here….. The trouble is, silenced or not the truth will always come out and like me there will always be another car to buy.

    1. I very much doubt that MG have put any pressure on anyone. Why? Because the GS is “first class” I suspect the ‘pressure’ is inside of the brains of those who like to knock anything they don’t understand.

  3. Have a look at vehicle recalls on the UK government Website. The worst cars? German makes. Fires, petrol leaks – the list is endless. I reckon the people who are knocking the MG marque are just trolls or competitors. If genuine car buyers – wake-up to the truth… the GS Exclusive is the best value for money SUV (with performance and quality to match) available in the UK. I sense sour-grapes from those who have paid to much for a car that does come close to matching the GS. Your loss – not ours!

  4. I suspect Richard is either trolling, or was dropped on his head as a child.
    Or maybe he is employed by MuGUK.
    On second thoughts, nobody on there has the brains or talent to defend their shite company on social media…

    1. Oh diddums. Has Mr Cheyne thrown his rattle of is pram cos he was an hopeless representative for SAIC MG? thank goodness someone new is in the position he once held at MG.
      I’m no troll. Just a member of the public who bought a GS and LOVES it!

    1. No Troll mate. But, I’m beginning to wonder about yourself… Have you owned a auto GS? I expect the answer is NO. I put you to the challenge.. test drive an MG GS Exclusive auto. Then, come back on here and THEN comment.

  5. There are some bitter, angry little people around. All ex-MG Rover employees who lost their cushy billet at the sprawling antiquated Longbridge plant, I’m guessing. Get rid of MG at Longbridge and bulldoze the site because they’re not producing MG Rover shitboxes there any more? Have any of the haters looked inside a late model MGR ZR/ZS/ZT recently? It’s like sitting inside an Amstrad Hi-Fi.
    How about giving the new MG company a chance and keeping some local jobs in the Birmingham area?

  6. I’m very confused by reviews of the GS. Owners seem to love ’em, journalists seem to find it their duty to say that they are poor! Both groups can’t be right. I’m on the verge of buying a GS Exclusive manual and I’m not easily put off by journalists, as I’ve owned several cars over many years that have been ‘kicked’ by journo’s, and yet I have found them excellent and totally reliable. Don’t like the reports of faults though, bit off putting when I’ve just had three absolutely trouble free years with a Megane Coupe. Hmmm……

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