My Fantasy Class Garage – MarinaST

Next up is marinast. A man of class for many years with plenty of Special Tuning and Motorsport P.K on hand. Here’s his 5.

Leyland Force 7R

The daddy of Leyland Australia’s capability and so close to being a reality.  The Force 7 was canned just before launch (‘just’ as in hours before) and all but a handful were crushed. The 7R was to have been a true Aussie Muscle car, developed by Repco and with at least 250-300bhp on tap, it would have been a serious contender against the V8 Ford and Holdens at the time. With petrol injection and a stretch to 5 litres the 7R could have developed into a serious bit of kit, and knowing the Australians love of lairy paint and trim schemes at the time, certainly memorable in appearance.

Leyland Marina GT/6

Aha! Again I’ve picked a ‘what if’ you say, but at least one GT/6 prototype was made and it’s in a Australian Muscle Car Museum.
The GT/6 used the 2600cc E6, mated to triple Webber carbs, along with a free flowing exhaust and four speed gearbox.(the standard 2600/Red Six had an ancient three speeder) Power outputs for this beast are only estimates but at least 150bhp.
Development engineers claimed it was quicker than the then current 201 cu. in six cylinder Holden Torana LH, a car far from lacking in the power department (@135bhp) and could have been the second quickest production Marina after the MG V8 version, but that’s another story…

Rover 75 V8

Yes, the power plant is an ancient 2 valve Ford lump and mated to an old style automatic gearbox so no hypermiling here, but what a swansong. There is no other Rover which combined sheer classy looks, smooth ride and lazy but brutal performance in one place.  These are a car which are currently highly undervalued, so I guess now is the time to buy.

Triumph 2000 MD

Back in the ’60s the 2000 and P6 led the charge in mid sized 2 litre executive saloons.  Just 49 MD (Managing Director) versions were produced, they featured wire wheels, triple Stromberg Carburettors and overdrive along with a gorgeous (Nadi?) wood rimmed steering wheel and chromed scuttle trim. They oozed CLASS then and they ooze CLASS now.

Douglas Bader’s Austin Allegro Equipe

How do you make an Equipe even better? Douglas Bader asked BL to produce a car specifically for him (it turned out to be the last car he would own) so in went a one off factory fit automatic gearbox along with a special Spitfire bonnet mascot.
A special car and owned by one of our nations most famous fighter pilots. Sadly it was last seen in a scrapyard around 25 years ago but as a fantasy Class garage motor they don’t get much more special than that.

And that’s that for now.

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