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Next up is our poison dwarf. Let’s see if our tax-dodging twitter-blocker has the nounce to put together a good list. I have every confidence in him to do just that.

Early MG Metro

They say you should never go back but sod that. I had one of these as my first car and it was bloody great. So if the NNMF would like to bang one out for me, I’ll take a black one please.




SD1 Vitesse Twin Plenum

Well just look at it. . The SD1. Bloody beautiful cars, and the twin plenum 3500 Vitesse has got to be up there. I know some people prefer the early s1 with its skeleton badge and single bootlid strap and all, and fair enough, but I prefer the later cars. So with those looks plus the V8 in the finest iteration that the SD1 got, its the one for me. So if the lads at the Hypothetical Factory of Class wouldn’t mind not going on strike for a day, and would build me one of these properly I’d be very grateful.


Leyland P76 Force 7

Because big Australian white elephant. Brilliant. What’s not to like? The Firm’s Aussie offshoot took the fight to the big boys and ruined it, naturally, but one of the big “what ifs” – WHAT IF they had put them together properly and WHAT IF they’d not released them when they did? Sure they’d have had to go some to beat Holden and Ford at their own game but just maybe… So, please, add one of these to the garage.

Rover 216 GTi Twin Cam 3 door

Well the R8 – what can we say. Obviously we shall ignore Mark Mastropotato’s sacrilegious witterings about whether it was just the shite competition that made the R8 seem good. Of course not. It WAS that good, and driving one now, over a quarter of a century later, it still holds it own. The pinnacle of the firm’s affair with Honda the R8 platform, under the Firm, spawned multiple bodystyles and received many engines – from the excellent early K series, the best-not-mention Pug soot chuckers to Honda’s sweet D series, amongst others. For me, the best engine was the screaming D series twin cam, and the 3-door bodystyle was a rare treat, so i’ll take one in GTi flavour ta. And it’s money no object so i’ll also take a fuel tanker to follow me around.

Innocenti DeTomaso

I was going to pick an MG6… LIKE HELL I WAS. A great looking, sharp Italian suit draped over those classic Mini mechanicals and famous rubber-coned suspension make for one very appealing package, to my mind. So one of those, thoroughly waxoyled from the factory, delivered to my garage. I’ll change my name to Roberto and drive around early 80’s Milan, shouting highly inappropriate things to young signoritas, whilst nursing a semi and harbouring feelings of deep-seated catholic guilt. Whens-a your Dolmio day, indeed.

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