Haynes Memory Lane – Day One – Rover P6, SD1 & Minor

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We will make a start with the Rover P6, there were 2 versions, one covering the 2000/2200 and the other covering the V8 model.

Although the overall cover image was based on the same drawing, yet with the engine changed.

Similarly, the SD1 manuals were split between the 6 and 8 cylinder variants, the same cut-out used with engine changed, as in the P6 manual (also, note the V8 S alloys on the V8 book).

Finally, the Minor / 1000 one featured a late Traveller in splendid detail.

More to follow tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Haynes Memory Lane – Day One – Rover P6, SD1 & Minor”

  1. I still have loads of Haynes manuals and rather treasure my 3500 one. They were fine for the less involved stuff, then you were a bit on your own.

  2. I bought my P6 copy (the top green one) from a charity shop around 1989, I still remember thinking the front springs had been drawn wrong!

  3. The front and rear window exploded diagrams are a work of art in the P6 book.
    Compare the complexity to cars like the Mini which simply had a rubber seal, window and a bit of chrome plastic insert strip…

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