Haynes Memory Lane – Day Two – Morris Marina & Ital

From the Potato’s Sack

Perhaps the largest range of manuals were dedicated to the Marina & Ital with no less than SEVEN different covers.

The original A and B series engined books featured a Mark 1 Marina on their cover.

This was then replaced with 3 books covering the A, B and O series models. The A and O series featuring a rendition of the Marina 3, the B series book depicting the same coupe, with subtle differences to make it a Marina 2 (and of course the B series engine). Disappointingly they missed the steering wheel, which appears to be the later Marina 3/Ital one.

The Ital books followed the same lead, again split between 2 books; one for the A series and one for the O series.

Lovely stuff… more tomorrow

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