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Haynes Memory Lane – Day Three – The Sporting Triumphs

From the Potato’s Sack

Today’s instalment concentrates on the sporting Triumphs.

I always thought Haynes were a bit lazy in how they grouped some of these cars together in one book, the relationship is undeniable, but I do think they could’ve split them… The Triumph Vitesse for instance is included with the GT6 book, so one would need both that and the Herald book to do any work on their car. Odd.

More to come. Enjoy

Haynes Memory Lane – Day Two – Morris Marina & Ital

From the Potato’s Sack

Perhaps the largest range of manuals were dedicated to the Marina & Ital with no less than SEVEN different covers.

The original A and B series engined books featured a Mark 1 Marina on their cover.

This was then replaced with 3 books covering the A, B and O series models. The A and O series featuring a rendition of the Marina 3, the B series book depicting the same coupe, with subtle differences to make it a Marina 2 (and of course the B series engine). Disappointingly they missed the steering wheel, which appears to be the later Marina 3/Ital one.

The Ital books followed the same lead, again split between 2 books; one for the A series and one for the O series.

Lovely stuff… more tomorrow

Haynes Memory Lane – Day One – Rover P6, SD1 & Minor

From the Potato’s Sack

We will make a start with the Rover P6, there were 2 versions, one covering the 2000/2200 and the other covering the V8 model.

Although the overall cover image was based on the same drawing, yet with the engine changed.

Similarly, the SD1 manuals were split between the 6 and 8 cylinder variants, the same cut-out used with engine changed, as in the P6 manual (also, note the V8 S alloys on the V8 book).

Finally, the Minor / 1000 one featured a late Traveller in splendid detail.

More to follow tomorrow!